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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is the second installment of a two-part film based on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling, and the final film in the Harry Potter series.
On 12 March 2008, Warner Bros. additionally confirmed that the film would be split into two, to do justice to the book. David Yates, director of Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince will return to direct and Steve Kloves is going to write the screenplay. According to Warner Bros. executive Alan F. Horn it will allow "an extra hour and a half to celebrate what this franchise has been and do justice to all the words and ideas in the amazing story. "Heyman described the workings behind the split: "Deathly Hallows is so rich, the story so dense and there is so much that is resolved that, after discussing it with Rowling, we came to the conclusion that two parts were needed." Due to the WGA strike, Kloves was not able to start work on the script until it ended. Before David Yates was officially chosen to direct the film, others had expressed an interest in the job. Alfonso CuarΓ³n, director of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, had said that he would be "tempted" to return to direct.Guillermo del Toro, who passed on Prisoner of Azkaban, had expressed interest in directing Deathly Hallows, but an increased workload ruled him out of the project.
Heyman noted that the films will be a closer recreation of the books than the previous films because of the length a two-part adaptation entails.  
Daniel Radcliffe said: "This is a road film, particularly in Part One of the film. People have been so used to seeing Harry Potter at Hogwarts and we're just not there for the first part of the film. That seems to have really freshened things up, and hopefully will get people seeing the films with fresh eyes again, because it's just a totally different look when you're not just sat in the same room the whole time."


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Ombre Lips ala Korean Look and review Wardah Soft Matte Lipcream Shade Mauve on and Feeling Red

im the one who really love korean makeup style, basically i love kawaii makeup than western makeup. there's a lil' bit differences between kawaii makeup and western makeup. and we're gonna talk about it on my next post ;)
so, lemme tell you my favorite lipstick style which called 'ombre lips' 
jadi buat ombre lips ini biasanya kamu akan memakai dua shade lipstick yang berbeda, buat outer biasanya lebih soft daripada shade untuk innner nya. gue buat daily makeup biasanyaselalu pakai ombre lips style ini, dengan shade yang soft buat inner dan outernya. biasanya lipstik yang gue pakai buat bikin ombre lips ini ya kalo ga purbasari nomer 90 atau 81 yang gue mix dengan wardah intense matte nomer 11 kadang juga gue pakai wardah lipcream warna mauve on untuk outer nya dan wardah lipcream feeling red buat innernya. 
and now, beside i'll give you step by step how to make ombre lips, i'll tell you also my review about wardah lipcream shade mauve on and feeling red ;)

How to Make a Soft Makeup for Daily

Hello everyone!!
it's been a while i never post anything here, and now im back! :)
kalau sebelumnya isi blog gue ini tentang curcolan gue, tapi sekarang gue mau mengisi blog yang udah hampir setahun setengah ini bersarang laba-laba menjadi blog yang lebih produktif lagi~
okay let's we start!
sekarang gue lagi concern banget pengen mulai menjadi seorang beauty and fashion blogger. so, this is my 1st debut *cielah
di postingan awal ini, gue pengen ngasih tau dulu beberapa tips n' trick how to make a soft makeup for daily look. terutama buat kamu-kamu nih para mahasiswa girls :)
so, ini dia beberapa step untuk bisa mendapatkan soft makeup for daily look.
1. Put your BB cream on! BB cream ini cocok banget kalo menurut gue buat dipakai buat daily makeup, karena teksturnya yang lebih ringan daripada foundation. walau sebenernya buat gue pribadi, gue gapernah pakai BB cream buat daily makeup, gue cuma pakai pelembab aja dan langsung deh pakai bedak :p karena gue ga terlalu suka aja pakai…

Jualan? pake Carousell aja! The Best Social - commerce Worldwide!

hello guys! long time no see banget ya!
setelah lama menghilang dari peradaban dunia blogging, kali ini gue kembali hadir lagi~
*tepuk tangan*
*kemudian hening*
hari ini tanggal 28 juli 2015 Alhamdulillah gue baru aja terpilih menjadi salah satu Brand Ambassador dari Carousell dalam Carousell Campus Ambassador 2015.

Carousell tuh apaan sih?
gue yakin banget pertama kali lo semua denger kata 'Carousell' ini pasti otak lo bakal mikir kalo ini sejenis komidi puter yang suka ada di pasar malem, atau yang kerenan dikit komidi puter yang ada di dufan.
but, it's not about that guys.
jadi Carousell yang gue maksud disini adalah sebuah aplikasi yang mutakhir, hits, keren dan fantastis buat lo semua yang hobi jualan online atau hobi belanja online. Carousell ini adalah mobile first marketplace yang 100% free charge, jadi kalo lo jual barang disini lo gakan kena potongan untuk hasil yang lo dapet dari penjualan lo, karena jualan di Carousell ini FREE! jadi semua keuntungan dari hasi…